Introducing medical practices to a Digitally-Enabled Care Model

Under the general supervision of doctors, major insurances now reimburse healthcare providers to expand access, coordinate care, and create a new patient experience, all supported by digital health technologies.

New Reimbursements are Transforming Care

New reimbursements for chronic and principal care, behavioral health integration, remote monitoring, care transitions, and interspecialty collaboration now compensate physicians for previously unpaid activities.

Improved Care for Chronic Diseases

A shared digital care plan boosts the effectiveness of treatment by fostering seamless coordination among the care team. It streamlines the management process for both clinicians and patients involved in Chronic and Principal Care, making health objectives clearer and easier for patients to understand and follow independently.

Improved Measurements

Remote monitoring of vital signs, alongside patient-reported perception measurements, are recognized and covered under CPT codes for Remote Physiologic Monitoring and Remote Therapeutic Monitoring. This ensures that healthcare providers can offer continuous care remotely, with the support of insurance reimbursements for these vital services.

Expanding Access for Mental Health

Now, managing mental health is a collaborative journey, with treating providers working hand-in-hand with psychiatrists and other mental health professionals. Our Behavioral Health Integration and Collaborative Care Management approaches offer incentives for delivering targeted mental health interventions.

Coordinated Care along the Journey

Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) and Specialists can now enhance their collaboration through streamlined inter-consults, all while being reimbursed for their coordination efforts. This advancement enables PCPs to fully utilize their expertise, practicing at the "top of their license," with the added benefit of asynchronous activities being recognized and rewarded.

Digitally-Enabled Care is the technology answer to value-based care

Much More than TeleHealth

Discover the future of healthcare with our advanced Digital Care Management service. Beyond traditional telehealth, we offer continuous care coordination between visits, ensuring seamless execution of treatment plans across your entire care team.

Enhance Your Scheduling Efficiency

Unlock valuable time for addressing the needs of complex patients at your office by integrating our digital care management services. Elevate your patient care with our advanced care augmentation solutions, tailored for your diverse patient population.

Elevate Quality and Performance

Boost revenue performance by integrating quality goals throughout the digital patient experience, while pioneering innovative quality improvement initiatives.

Enhance Patient Retention

Elevate the patient journey and satisfaction through our strategic approach. Our digital care management service fosters a unique care ecosystem, seamlessly connecting patients and their families for an unparalleled healthcare experience.

Clinician Features

Patients Dashboard

Program Metrics Dashboard

Encounters/Billing Documentation

Digital Journey Care Plan Editor

Mobile Health Assessments

Patient-Centered Digital Health Care Management Programs

MetaMend: Revolutionizing Metabolic Health Through Digital Care

At MetaMend, we're pioneering a comprehensive digital care management system designed to transform metabolic health. Our approach is multifaceted, focusing on achieving significant improvement milestones for our users. Through innovative strategies and personalized care, we guide you towards optimal metabolic health. Join us on this journey to wellness.

MindEase: Elevating Mental Health for Chronic Care Management

Discover a higher level of mental health care with regular assessments and integrated teamwork between primary care providers and specialists, ensuring superior support. We focus on ongoing monitoring and thorough care coordination, guaranteeing expert management of your mental health. With us, you gain more than care; you benefit from a concerted approach aimed at enhancing your well-being.

HeartSync: Empowering Heart Health with AI-Driven Precision

HeartSync revolutionizes cardiac care by seamlessly integrating data-driven insights and cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Our innovative device is designed to streamline the intensity of care management, ensuring patients receive the most effective and coordinated care possible. By fostering collaboration between primary physicians and specialists, HeartSync delivers a comprehensive approach to heart health, making it easier than ever to keep your heart beating at its best.


NutriLink revolutionizes the approach to wellness by embracing nutrition as medicine, offering a dynamic and evidence-based tool that crafts personalized diet goals and culturally sensitive diets. This innovative platform is designed to complement clinical objectives across various programs, ensuring a holistic path to health that's both scientifically grounded and culturally aware.

Manage your patient population with personalized Digital Patient Journeys

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