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Digitally-Enabled Care Models
bring new revenues for medical practices, help retain more patients and improve performance on care quality measures  

Digital Care Management for Community Physicians

We help doctors manage chronic care between visits, with remote monitoring, clinical programs, and collaboration specialist-primary in a connected health ecosystem.

When the relationship between doctors and their patients becomes digital, all disconnected pieces to optimize care, fall into place. 

Supporting Collaborative Care for Patients with Complex Needs



Community Digital Care Management Programs deliver patient-centric care with a mental health-first focus and nutritional planning to support achieving health goals and outcomes 

Assigning Digital Journeys

With a digital care plan and a supporting care management team, doctors can improve outcomes by managing care with expanded digital capabilities and data-driven care



Patients, their families, and their providers  now work collaboratively as one team, acting from objective data captured in the digital patient journey and quick feedback from the care management staff



From a patient-generated data paradigm, doctors can meet quality requirements and act on care gaps in virtually real-time. Planning for complex care starts with the digital treatment plan itself

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