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The experience of serving patients and doctors has led us to this mission

We are a diverse team that shares the common goal of advancing human health. We prioritize fostering the patient-doctor relationship through digital care management services.

Join us on this journey of improving human health through unparalleled digital patient-doctor care experiences.

Alejandro Roman, MBA

Founder and CEO

Healthcare entrepreneur, with a broad experience across the spectrum of healthcare delivery, financing, technology development, and innovation management. He holds a degree in Economics and an MBA in Healthcare Sector Management and Policy.


Government and Health Policy

Nationally acclaimed public health leader. His roles span from physician to attorney, administrator, academician, and fiduciary. Dr. Avila obtained his medical degree from Brown University. Currently holds the Presidency at the American College of Legal Medicine, after serving as Health Secretary in Pennsylvania.

Joshua Tarkoff, MD, MBA

MetaMend Program Director

Graduated from the Icahn School of Medicine and completed his residency and pediatric endocrinology fellowship at University of Miami and UCSF. He received a Healthcare MBA and practices in Miami, FL,  specializing in remote diabetes patient monitoring and serves as Medical Director of IT, improving EHR workflow and efficiency.

Oscar Barreto, DPM, ABMSP

HealHub Program Director

Passionate clinician, innovator, educator, and entrepreneur with a keen eye on how technologies can make a real impact on people's lives. Dr. Barreto is a graduate of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine

Luis Garces

NutriLink Program Director

A clinical dietitian with a passion to change healthcare by changing how we eat. At the base of his vision for transformation and low-cost preventative opportunities, nutrition plays a key role.

Otto Martin, MD, MSc.

Clinical IT Operations

Otto Martin, MD, MSc., is a family medicine physician (FMG) with a master's degree in healthcare Informatics. As an EHR trainer and data consultant, he expertly fuses his healthcare knowledge and instructional design skills. Otto is a specialist in clinical redesign and last-mile digital transformation in medical practices. 

Maylin Lara

Marketing & Patient Engagement Director

Art historian with 6 years of medical school has focused her career on healthcare patient engagement. Exceptionally prepared to distill clinical complexity into messages that resonate with patients.

John Paul Busuttil, MD, MBA, CCDS

Revenue Integrity Director

Dr. Busuttil is a specialist in Clinical Documentation and Revenue Cycle Integrity, and an educator. Dr. Busuttil optimizes billing appropriateness and documentation compliance, as an integral part of our turn-key service to physicians. As a devoted professor to his students, he also brings a diverse and rewarding outlook to Medical Education and Training

Juan O'Naghten

Legal Counsel

Advisor and legal counsel to the principals and management of closely held business interests. Played key roles in the creation and start-up of varied enterprises, in several industry verticals.  

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