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Healthcare, finally, can be simple for patients and families

Digital Patient Journeys are maps of care that come alive guiding patients along the journey of maintaining or recovering health

Maintaining or restoring health when dealing with chronic conditions is no easy task. It is already difficult for patients and their families to cope and do the necessary work. Simplifying complexity and having a collaborative relationship with clinicians is imperative. We are here to facilitate it. 

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Patients' experience of care is at the core of our work

Care Navigation is Hard

Poor care coordination and management between visits, navigating problems without help, and not knowing what to do next, become an unnecessary burden for patients and families coping with health problems

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Self-Care is Lonely

Managing the difficulty of adhering to and executing the treatment plan, adhering to complex medication regimes and measuring signs and symptoms can be daunting when alone 

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Family Members can't always help

Caring for our loved ones when we have to work, it's not possible many times. Having digital access to care planning, signs and symptoms, and communications capabilities help caregivers to be most effective.

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Home Sweet Home

Home is the best site of care. It keeps patients safe and happy. Supporting them in their home is our core objective. At home, risks are at a minimum, facilitating patients' relationships with their doctors to maintain and improve health.

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A Connected Health Ecosystem to Support Patients and their Families

Your Health Information

With our Personal Health Record patients can have their information and treatment plan fully connected and shareable.

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Your Digital Careplan

Knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do is complex. With us, it becomes intuitive. A digital patient journey guides patient along the treatment plan across time.

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Your Connected Family

Patients' most important care team is the family and close friends that act as caregivers. They become active members of the digital care plan when our platform keeps them up to date every step of the way

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Your Care Managers

With our service, a care manager supports patients by helping, advocating, and facilitating the resolution of problems or needs requiring unnecessary time and energy

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Patients Self-care Made Easy

A frictionless  and consumer-driven experience that simplifies care navigation, designed for patients and their families

Patient Self-Care Made Easy

A frictionless and consumer-driven experience that simplifies care navigation, designed for patients and their families.

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